Tailored investments for your family.

Investment with a personal touch

When we chose our staff, we do not only look at CV and previous results, we chose family men. People who know what it is to be a family, people who know the importance of trust, people who know how to take care of others.

Those are our watchwords. We do not believe that your investment should be curtailed by a limited range of options but that your capital should be able to span the globe in regardless of the fields you are interested in investing in. 

Arbre Family Office was founded to allow a personal touch that is often not possible in larger institutions while at the same time allowing for a global reach which many smaller family offices cannot provide. We currently operate in 56 countries on five continents and manage $4.6 billion of personal wealth.

Having a family is wealth in itself, but when your family has wealth, it needs to be managed. Arbre Family Office offers tailored global solutions including Real Estate, Investment Advice, Discreet Investment Management, and all-round services for families and individuals.


Investment Governance

We have found that one of the most important issues for many families is that the governance structure is clear. We will help you ensure that you have a system of governance that suits your family and its goals. We will ensure that the beneficiaries of your plan is in line with your wishes.

Tax Management

Arbre Family Office works with top rate tax lawyers from all over the world to ensure that your family wealth remains within your family. We will also work with any tax planner or accountant of your choice. Close coordination of our family office team with tax, legal and accounting experts provides comprehensive management of reporting and taxation requirements.

Discreet Investments

Should you choose to take a step away from your investment, we will act as your proxy and invest for you in a discreet account. You will still have full insight into your account and be able to guide the process as much as you wish.

Whether you want to invest in Real Estate, Bonds, Stock Market, Start Ups, or other endeavours, we have the right team for you. We can put together a portfolio that will suit your investment goals.

Each family is different and as such has different needs. We believe that to provide the optimal service, we need to know what you are looking for. To bring you into our family to best meet your needs.

Our Guiding Principles


We do not go into any project without first carrying out extensive research. We perform deep level due diligence looking at all the numbers and individuals involved before putting yours or our money on the line.


We do not motivate our employees to bring in new business or to spread themselves to thin. Rather we encourage them to work with the same family throughout their career. To form a strong relationship with, and understanding of their client so that they can best provide the bespoke service that you deserve and require.

It’s a family matter  

At the end of the day, family is the people you rely on. We want you to be able to rely on us in the same way and thus guarantee you complete confidentiality and discretion. We will treat your investments with the respect they deserve and ensure that your goals are met through our disciplined and well planned out strategies.

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